Dhoni as Captain

The latest news making the rounds among the Indian cricket fans is that of Dhoni being elevated to the captaincy. I personally feel that it is a brave decision and one that augurs well for the future. Dhoni seems to have right attitide and the aptitude that the job demands.

The job of Indian captaincy has always been a bed of roses. Dhoni though will have the luxury of seeking advices from the mentors like the Big 3. The big three Sachin, Rahul and Sourav have served the Indian cricket well for all these years. It is a pity that all three will be retiring almost at the same time in coming one or two years.

There is also a lot of speculation about the reasons behind Dravid’s unexpected resignation. Many do feel that this could have been postponed for a few more months or he could have given some indicators to the selectors that he wants to quit after another series or so. I also do fall in that category. Dravid’s decision though is understandably comforting to himself, is not in the right interests of Indian cricket. If he had given any indicators about his plan, the selectors could have groomed a new captain.

Although the entire Indian public was worried, for over a year now, about grooming the youngsters for the leadership positions, the BCCI was least worried. Their unprofessionalism was glaringly evident in the way they handled the selection of Graham Ford as the coach. And who do they appoint next as the manager of the Indian team – The 72 year old, young Chacha Chandu Borde. And, just keep in mind that we still do not have a coach!

Although assigning captaincy to Dhoni is like treading in unchartered waters, it is the right decision. For the first time i do feel that the BCCI and the selectors (or the bunch of jokers as Jimmy Amarnath calls them~) have taken the right decision. All the credits be given to BCCI for this – We need to give credits where it is due 😉 . Atlast, there seems to be a spark of light at the end of the tunnel. Hope it is not of the incoming train!

This is my first blog at this new address. Bye for now 😉


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