Hey Ram!

Phew! Atlast some common sense prevailed and the UPA Govt and its President Sonia Gandhi did the right thing. A couple of weeks back, i was shell-shocked to hear in one of the popular desi news channels that the Govt nominated grave diggers a.k.a. archeologists (of ASI) proclaimed that Lord Rama is not a historical character (http://sify.com/news/fullstory.php?id=14526619) . He is more of a mythological character or more specifically a character in a fiction book written by Valmiki. I thought “Hey dude!..What the %&%# is happening here??”

What evidence were thse guys looking for when they said that they did not find any evidence that these historical characters ever did exist? They were perhaps disappointed that they did not dug out a monkeys tail, or a Surpanaka’s nose, or a fossil with ten heads (that of Ravana).

Come On men, Go around the country and look for yourself. In India, it is said that there are more temples than there are primary schools. Most of them are dedicated to Lord Rama, Vishnu or Krishna, who are known to be different avataaras of one God, Vishnu. Visit any of these temples and you will find hundreds of devotees paying homage and respect to the almighty and religiously performing the rituals with due diligence. Is this not proof enough! Are these ASI people suggesting us that our grandpops and grandmoms lied to us, cause, I recall my grandfather telling me stories of Rama, Sita, Anjaneya and Ravana.

Finally the affidavit was not filed and that the UPA Govt did the right thing, gives some solace. But the damage has been done. People’s sentiments and beliefs has been hurt.

There is still some action going on in these topic with Karunanidhi asking Who Lord Rama was and in which college did he study?? !!. Phew!! Being Indians, We are all used to these kinds of reactions from the politicians.

Hope, the politicians reconcile and people of all religions live happily in India.


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