Chuseok Holidays

Here in Korea, we had a long weekend last week because of a festival called chuseok. It is pretty much like our harvesting festival, called sankranti in South India. The koreans also do perform a ritual called thanksgiving, wherein they pay homage to their ancestors. A pretty nice ritual, but what i am more interested is on the five days of holidays these festival do bring along with them. As always, i had made some eleborate plans to visit some exotic places around Korea. But fate had an other story to tell and i ended up being in office on three of those five days ;(

On monday, i hauled my SUV out and drove to a nearby island called Wolmido. The drive was very soothing and i was pretty surprised at not seeing much traffic on a holiday. I had the whole highway for myself and my SUV and we both literally burned the rubber. Wolmido Island is not an exotic place by any stretch of your imagination. But it is very well maintained tourist spot with lots of hotels, pubs (tempting but wifey had a firm grip on me), souvenir shops, small fountains and what not.

Me and wifey had a great time and of course a sumptous lunch there. Btw, did i tell you that there is a small theme park nearby. But we decided that it is ill advised to sit on those thrilling rides with our fully loaded stomachs.

On tuesday, we went along with another desi family to a popular water park called Carribean Bay. Had a great time in the Wave Pools, Spas and Saunas. The water slide is the most exciting. The one in carribean Bay is a pretty long one and it takes you through a dark tunnel for around a minute or so. By the time you reach the ground Zero and splash in the pool you would be thoroughly thrilled and exhausted.

The remaining few days were spent in watching the 2020 live cricket matches, cricket highlights and of course discussing with friends about what Dhoni’s strategies should be, about the field placings, the batting orders, the bowlers etc etc.. 😉


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