Mount Bukhansan Trek!

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Bukansan National park in Seoul for a mountain hiking experience. Bukhansan is a huge expanse of mountains and for an entry fee of $2, its all yours to explore!

The park has many steep rocky cliffs and precipitous mountains, dissected by many deep valleys. Overall, hiking here is a very thrilling experience. Most of the trails are pretty safe and they are all lined by ropes for support. Hoewever, there are a few trails which are challenging and are not for the weak hearted.

Believe it or not, one is bound to see many aged people hiking at this park. The fitness levels of the general public here in korea is amazingly very high.

We successfully climbed two peaks – Baegundae and some other peak whose name i forgot ;(. Being totally exhausted after climbing the peaks, climbing down proved to be a much difficult proposition. Also, there are a lot of temples along the trails.

The next pit stop was at the Namaste Indian restaurant in Dongdaemun. Here, we did all those things that we possibly can do to get back all those calories spent during the hike!


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