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Tata Nano – Boon or Bane?


First of all, the car costs damn cheap. So, many a middle class familiy could afford it. And, it is gonna be very fuel efficient. So, would hurt you lesser for acquisition as well as for the mainainance.

The car is supposed to be gearless. Aunties n Granpas r in for a thrilling car ride minus their personal drivers. This is a much safer option than two wheelers on the dangerous metro roads.


The car costs so damn cheap that there will be a huge influx of these vehicles in the already clogged roads. Pollution levels r gonna be high. Environmentalists r crying hoarse about the possible emission levels due to Nano.

Overall, i believe it is a welcome addition to the Tata Family and it definitely made India proud. The fact that Nano release is well received by the masses as well as the media is a great news for Tata, what with their planned acquisition of Jaguar and the Landrover in the pipeline.


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