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College Days………

The other day, i was talking to Praveen (my best buddy in college) and then also had a chance encounter with a couple of my college buddies on orkut. It brought back a lots of memories from college. Everytime the earth rotates, the world changes and we age! Phew!

We had this new lecturer who always had a difficulty in controlling his class. So, whenever he turns towards the blackboard, there would be a ruckus breaking out. Oneday he made this famous statement “Don’t talk in front of my back!”. It took a while for the whole class to comprehend what the guy meant and there was, of course, pin drop silence all though-out!

And then there was this chemistry lecturer. He was a sort of Lab guy who would help us out during the experiments. One fine day, during our chemistry labs, our main lecturer was absent. So, this guy took the centre stage and the lab was all his. Thus, he began!

“Take a beaker full of empty!”. What he meant was for us to take an empty beaker.
“Pour water in the ascending order!” – means, pour water from the top.

We were involved in some titration experiment on that day. We were supposed to pour some liquid from the titration tube to the beaker. The guy came to our desk. “Hey, dont POUR, POUR, POUR. Always, PPOOOUUURR, PPOOOUUURR, PPOOOUUURR”. What he meant was for us to slow down the pouring process!

“Keep on shaking! After sometime, you will get a colourless yellow precipitate” – this was a masterpiece!

“After finishing the experiment, throw the sink”. He wanted us to pour the contents of the beaker into the sink.

And then, there was this guy, who would always say “My car is understanding the tree!” Matter of fact was that his car was parked under a tree.

College days were infact the golden days. Those trips to Chamundi betta before the exams, trips to the Cool Joint for a sip of Cold Coffee after the exams, those Nalpaks, Mylari’s and Mallige’s catering to our taste buds, those intense cycle stand discussions, bunking the classes and queing up for a first day first show, and of course my never-say-die tut-tuting Hero Puch! Phew! Back to reality. I have a couple of bugs to fix today and a meeting to attend!

PS: In case of some of the front benchers who might read this (although the possibility is remote), I love u all. World peace be with you!


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