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IPL Coverage

IPL has been underway for almost a week now. And going by the opinions of the fellow bloggers, it has been fairly successful. I can imagine Lalit Modi and Sharad Pawar smiling in glee with their mouthlines extending from one ear to another and dancing on their toes when in private, even though they present a sober figure when they are under a public gaze!

Lalit Modi had been hell bent on not providing the rights to the media for publishing the images shot during the matches. Only the print media were allowed and even they had to pay hefty sums and also need to provide a copy of the images to the BCCI. Check out how pissed the media were – . There are a lot more such opinions of the pissed-off variety and threats of total media pull out from the event.

However, one just needs to search the youtube for the amount of IPL videos available on it. Media boycott or not, one can watch all the highlights on youtube. Three cheers to the free world and the open-source and open-market protogonists!. Even the Live coverage is available through the peer-to-peer broadcasting. One just needs to install Sopcast and search for the available channels. And Lo, you have soo many sopcast channels broadcasting the IPL matches from CBN and Set-Max. Sitting here in Korea, i do not miss any action!

Even though i got high quality videos of IPL from sopcast, i am really pissed off about the cricket coverage from Set Max. Reasons are a plenty:
a) 5 ball overs are a norm for Set Max. Either you lose the first ball of the over or the last ball and it is entirely Set Max’s prerogative!
b) Immediately after a ball is bowled, the screen becomes L shaped to accomodate an embedded advertisement. And the worst of all is that the audio of the advertisement is not muted. So, you miss out on the comments of the, supposed to be expert, commentators.
c) Ajay Jadeja. He seems to be more intent on chasing the Cheer Leaders than catching up the action on the actual cricket field.
d) Where the hell is the dumb noodle-straps Bedi? The import of the redskins from Washington may have had her running for covers!

There is an online petition here – . If you are also a pissed off viewer like me, please sign it. I have already signed it.

Bring me ESPN or Star Sports anyday. Their coverage is so polished and professional. A team of Harsha Bhogle, Ian Chappel, Tony Greig, Geoffrey Boycott and Ravi Shastri is anybody’s dream.


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College Days………

The other day, i was talking to Praveen (my best buddy in college) and then also had a chance encounter with a couple of my college buddies on orkut. It brought back a lots of memories from college. Everytime the earth rotates, the world changes and we age! Phew!

We had this new lecturer who always had a difficulty in controlling his class. So, whenever he turns towards the blackboard, there would be a ruckus breaking out. Oneday he made this famous statement “Don’t talk in front of my back!”. It took a while for the whole class to comprehend what the guy meant and there was, of course, pin drop silence all though-out!

And then there was this chemistry lecturer. He was a sort of Lab guy who would help us out during the experiments. One fine day, during our chemistry labs, our main lecturer was absent. So, this guy took the centre stage and the lab was all his. Thus, he began!

“Take a beaker full of empty!”. What he meant was for us to take an empty beaker.
“Pour water in the ascending order!” – means, pour water from the top.

We were involved in some titration experiment on that day. We were supposed to pour some liquid from the titration tube to the beaker. The guy came to our desk. “Hey, dont POUR, POUR, POUR. Always, PPOOOUUURR, PPOOOUUURR, PPOOOUUURR”. What he meant was for us to slow down the pouring process!

“Keep on shaking! After sometime, you will get a colourless yellow precipitate” – this was a masterpiece!

“After finishing the experiment, throw the sink”. He wanted us to pour the contents of the beaker into the sink.

And then, there was this guy, who would always say “My car is understanding the tree!” Matter of fact was that his car was parked under a tree.

College days were infact the golden days. Those trips to Chamundi betta before the exams, trips to the Cool Joint for a sip of Cold Coffee after the exams, those Nalpaks, Mylari’s and Mallige’s catering to our taste buds, those intense cycle stand discussions, bunking the classes and queing up for a first day first show, and of course my never-say-die tut-tuting Hero Puch! Phew! Back to reality. I have a couple of bugs to fix today and a meeting to attend!

PS: In case of some of the front benchers who might read this (although the possibility is remote), I love u all. World peace be with you!

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Tantrik’s story and the cricket round-up

I have been off-blog for quite sometime. This has more to do with some serious work loads and ridiculous schedules on the professional front.

Check out this link:-

The guts of the tantrik should very well be appreciated here. He tried the tricks in front of the cameras of one of the prime indian channels. This was hilarious stuff. “The tantrik tried. He chanted his mantras (magic words): “Om lingalingalinalinga, kilikili….” But his efforts did not show any impact on Sanal – not after three minutes, and not after five.”

Here is a very funny situation that a guy got into because of dowry!. The guy goes around saying that he is from City A even though he is from City B, coz his wife is from city A. His hands are all shaky and sweaty whenever he hears a high decibel “hello” from his wife..The world is so round and funny..Hope the guy finds some peace..

The Indian team returned victorious from the tough Australian Campaign. Not that they won the test series. The fact that they won at Perth, on a bouncy track, is in itself a victory of sorts. That the Indians were at the receiving end on most of the erring umpiring decisions, robbed them off the Sydney test and most probably a test series victory. Sydney had proved elusive during the 2003-04 series as well. A typical fighting innings by Steve Waugh in his farewell test eluded us of what could have been a historic win on that occasion.

A lot has been written about the controversies surrounding this year’s Sydney test. A “maa ki..” comment is less derogatory to Andrew Symonds and the match refree than a ‘monkey’ comment! But for a billion cricket fans, Harbhajan has been a big disappointment. “maa ki..” is a terribly derogatory comment to make in India and he has set a bad example for all young cricket enthusiasts.

India, of late, has found quite a few talented young cricketers. These youngsters seem to have the right attitude to survive at the highest level and take India forward. For once, the retirement of the Pancha Pandavas ” sachin, dravid, kumble, ganguly and laxman”, does not seem to leave behind a big void.

The squad for the first two tests against the South Africans have been announced –
Hope the Indians continue their winning momentum – lot easier to do in home conditions!

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ESSC syndrome!

Well, am a fan of Dilbert, Dogbert, Asok and infact of all the characters that Scott Adams uses in his cartoons.

They are so funny and sarcastic that they give everyone a good nice laugh.

Well, here is one i caught recently in a desi dilbert forum:

Mr.A: Hi guys, I went on a trek to Mount XXX. It was so thrilling and adventurous.

Mr.U: You should have actually tried the Mount Everest. Mount xxx is a waste of time.

Mr.A: Infact Mount XXX has some tortuous and steep trails.

Mr.B: Wow, thats great! Hey, i purchased a new diesel SUV. Man, its a great machine. Always wanted to have one.

Mr.U: Very bad. You should have purchased a Petrol Vehicle.

Mr.B: Never mind. I love my possession and like going on long drives.

Mr.C: Guys, we have a desi get together this week to celebrate the Independence Day.

Mr.U: It is a waste of time. Of course, i would not waste my time and money on such silly events.

Mr.D: Btw, what do you do Mr.U?

Mr.U: I am affected by the ESSC (Eat, Shit, Sleep and Complain) syndrome. So, i do ESSC and play XBOX games during my free time!

Mr.U, then goes to another group and…
Mr.U: You know what! A, B, C and D are useless.

hahaha..Remember “Kyunki, Saans…” vamps?

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More from Scott Adams…

Remember the Pre-placement talks from the seniors, working for major IT firms!


Great Interview skills!


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How True!

How True!!How True!

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Dhoni as Captain

The latest news making the rounds among the Indian cricket fans is that of Dhoni being elevated to the captaincy. I personally feel that it is a brave decision and one that augurs well for the future. Dhoni seems to have right attitide and the aptitude that the job demands.

The job of Indian captaincy has always been a bed of roses. Dhoni though will have the luxury of seeking advices from the mentors like the Big 3. The big three Sachin, Rahul and Sourav have served the Indian cricket well for all these years. It is a pity that all three will be retiring almost at the same time in coming one or two years.

There is also a lot of speculation about the reasons behind Dravid’s unexpected resignation. Many do feel that this could have been postponed for a few more months or he could have given some indicators to the selectors that he wants to quit after another series or so. I also do fall in that category. Dravid’s decision though is understandably comforting to himself, is not in the right interests of Indian cricket. If he had given any indicators about his plan, the selectors could have groomed a new captain.

Although the entire Indian public was worried, for over a year now, about grooming the youngsters for the leadership positions, the BCCI was least worried. Their unprofessionalism was glaringly evident in the way they handled the selection of Graham Ford as the coach. And who do they appoint next as the manager of the Indian team – The 72 year old, young Chacha Chandu Borde. And, just keep in mind that we still do not have a coach!

Although assigning captaincy to Dhoni is like treading in unchartered waters, it is the right decision. For the first time i do feel that the BCCI and the selectors (or the bunch of jokers as Jimmy Amarnath calls them~) have taken the right decision. All the credits be given to BCCI for this – We need to give credits where it is due 😉 . Atlast, there seems to be a spark of light at the end of the tunnel. Hope it is not of the incoming train!

This is my first blog at this new address. Bye for now 😉

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