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Lost in LOST!

I ticked off one more item from the pending list of my scheduler. I finally was able to watch all the pending episodes of SEASON 3 of the hugely popular tele-series LOST.

All the episodes were so fast paced and action packed, that it was a perfect recipe for a sure success. No wonder that LOST is among the all time top rated tele series. The DHARMA Inititaitve, the OTHERS, mysterious radio signals, mysterious magnetic fields all do capture the viewers imagination and keep them wanting for more. For all those who want to unearth some mysteries, here is a great site

The other popular series ‘Prison Break’ turned into a lame duck in its 3rd season. It failed to deliver after promising so much in its first season. Right now it seems that the 3rd seson will be cut short into just 13 episodes. Dont know what Michael Schoffield would do in the remaining 4 episodes. He has to break away from SONA and the finale on Feb 18th would be worth watching.

Have heard quite a bit of positive reviews about HEROES. But somehow, it has not yet made an entry into my scheduler!


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