Tata Nano – Boon or Bane?


First of all, the car costs damn cheap. So, many a middle class familiy could afford it. And, it is gonna be very fuel efficient. So, would hurt you lesser for acquisition as well as for the mainainance.

The car is supposed to be gearless. Aunties n Granpas r in for a thrilling car ride minus their personal drivers. This is a much safer option than two wheelers on the dangerous metro roads.


The car costs so damn cheap that there will be a huge influx of these vehicles in the already clogged roads. Pollution levels r gonna be high. Environmentalists r crying hoarse about the possible emission levels due to Nano.

Overall, i believe it is a welcome addition to the Tata Family and it definitely made India proud. The fact that Nano release is well received by the masses as well as the media is a great news for Tata, what with their planned acquisition of Jaguar and the Landrover in the pipeline.


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Lost in LOST!

I ticked off one more item from the pending list of my scheduler. I finally was able to watch all the pending episodes of SEASON 3 of the hugely popular tele-series LOST.

All the episodes were so fast paced and action packed, that it was a perfect recipe for a sure success. No wonder that LOST is among the all time top rated tele series. The DHARMA Inititaitve, the OTHERS, mysterious radio signals, mysterious magnetic fields all do capture the viewers imagination and keep them wanting for more. For all those who want to unearth some mysteries, here is a great site http://lostpedia.com/wiki/Main_Page

The other popular series ‘Prison Break’ turned into a lame duck in its 3rd season. It failed to deliver after promising so much in its first season. Right now it seems that the 3rd seson will be cut short into just 13 episodes. Dont know what Michael Schoffield would do in the remaining 4 episodes. He has to break away from SONA and the finale on Feb 18th would be worth watching.

Have heard quite a bit of positive reviews about HEROES. But somehow, it has not yet made an entry into my scheduler!

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Happy new Year!

Well, its never too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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ESSC syndrome!

Well, am a fan of Dilbert, Dogbert, Asok and infact of all the characters that Scott Adams uses in his cartoons.

They are so funny and sarcastic that they give everyone a good nice laugh.

Well, here is one i caught recently in a desi dilbert forum:

Mr.A: Hi guys, I went on a trek to Mount XXX. It was so thrilling and adventurous.

Mr.U: You should have actually tried the Mount Everest. Mount xxx is a waste of time.

Mr.A: Infact Mount XXX has some tortuous and steep trails.

Mr.B: Wow, thats great! Hey, i purchased a new diesel SUV. Man, its a great machine. Always wanted to have one.

Mr.U: Very bad. You should have purchased a Petrol Vehicle.

Mr.B: Never mind. I love my possession and like going on long drives.

Mr.C: Guys, we have a desi get together this week to celebrate the Independence Day.

Mr.U: It is a waste of time. Of course, i would not waste my time and money on such silly events.

Mr.D: Btw, what do you do Mr.U?

Mr.U: I am affected by the ESSC (Eat, Shit, Sleep and Complain) syndrome. So, i do ESSC and play XBOX games during my free time!

Mr.U, then goes to another group and…
Mr.U: You know what! A, B, C and D are useless.

hahaha..Remember “Kyunki, Saans…” vamps?

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More from Scott Adams…

Remember the Pre-placement talks from the seniors, working for major IT firms!


Great Interview skills!


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The Bourne Series…

Recently, i watched the latest in the Bourne movie series, “Bourne Ultimatum”. Having read the original novel by Robert Ludlum, i felt that the movie script deviated a lot more from the original plot in the novel. After a few hits in the WIKI, i realised that the novel was published way back in the 80s and so the original plot needed a touch up to live up to the expectations of the current day movie goers.

Another suspense thriller that comes to my mind is the “Day of the Jackal” by Frederick Forsyth. It has a great plot and would keep its suspense quotient intact until the reader reaches the end pages. Frederick Forsyth’s “Odessa File” is another great read about the Nazi plots in modern Germany and a secret organization called Odessa. His latest one “The Afghan” is about the modern day terrorism.

Dan Brown and Michael Crichton are my other favourites. Brown’s “Angels and Demons” and the “Da Vinci Code” were an instant hit among the literary folks, more for the controversy they created and also for the amount of meticulous reseach involved. Michael Crichton has been a favourite among the hollywood producers for regularly churning out mind-boggling techno-thrillers. His “Jurassic Park”, “Sphere”, “Congo”, “Disclosure” have all been very successful films. “Andromeda Strain” and “The Terminal Man” have been techno thrillers which appealed a lot to me.

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I rarely do blog on social issues. But today, while i was googling i saw this poster ad and i was deeply moved by it.

Even though gallons of ink and gigabits of disk space have been consumed with literatures condemning this heinous crime, the dowry system still thrives in India. More and more people should come out openly against this and the onus is on the educated class to lead the way.

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